Thursday, 16 January 2014

Free school meals: Ready, steady, build a kitchen

Headteachers are worried about implementing the new free meals policy by September. But it can be done, says Hsurprisingly rare thing is just about to land on the headteacher's desk in every infant and primary school in England: a signed letter from the education secretary, Michael Gove, and the schools minister, David Laws. Short of stamping it with sealing wax and delivering it on a velvet pillow, the government could hardly make it clearer that something important is afoot.
The letter contains confirmation that, from September, the government will fund free school meals for every infant. For some headteachers, this will be the point at which they realise that the policy – announced by Nick Clegg last September – wasn't just a bit of party conference showboating. It is actually going to happen.enry Dimbleby

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